There are many accessories that can connect to your hearing aids to make them a little easier to control and hear in difficult listening environments. Capturing voices at the source and transmitting them wirelessly to the hearing aids leads to improved understanding.Hands-free Phonak ComPilot wirelessly connects your hearing aids to your telephone, MP3 player and many Bluetooth devices. It captures sound at its source and transfers it directly to your hearing aids in stereo sound quality.Complete Control With the ComPilot you have complete control. At the touch of a button you can easily answer a phone call, change your hearing aid volume and program settings without the need to touch your phone or hearing aids.VoiceAlerts Spoken alerts will help you identify the ComPilot’s status, such as the device you are connected to and the name of the caller when the phone rings.TVLink S Combining the ComPilot and TVLink S will directly transmit your favourite TV show to your hearing aids in stereo sound. The ComPilot volume control allows you to listen in comfort without affecting the volume for other people. The one-step setup allows you to easily install it at home within 60 seconds.RemoteMic Enjoying and understanding a one-on-one conversation in a very noisy environment can be enhanced by picking up the voice at its source. The discreet and wireless microphone combined with your ComPilot transfers the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids over a distance of up to 20 metres.
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