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Telex Hearing Centre- Reliable Hearing Clinic in Bathurst since 1969

The Telex Hearing Centre is a reliable and reputed name in the field of serving people who face problems with hearing. This hearing clinic has stood tall since 1969 and there have been several sites like Bathurst apart from a permanent clinic in Miranda. Graham Rathbone has been the flag bearer of the entire concept.

About Telex Hearing Centre

With the main office located at Miranda, Telex Hearing Centre has been catering to all possible surrounding areas including Bathurst. It is a family-owned business for over five decades and has been a reliable hearing clinic. With a team of ENTs, audiologist, Audiometrist, and concerned staff, the clinic has been performing well. It has successfully been able to assist people who are weak in hearing to hear properly with the quality, technically sophisticated hearing aids. We are regarded as the best audiologists in Bathurst.

We Offer:

Since the beginning of the business, Telex Hearing Centre has been very much particular regarding serving the patients in the best possible way. Therefore, the clinic is a living example of a 360° solution for all your hearing issues. Right from conducting the hearing test, diagnosis, to the fitting of the most advanced and technically sophisticated hearing instruments, this hearing clinic in Bathurst does it all.

In addition to this, the specially trained and industrially experienced professionals take into consideration all the elements that would help yield the best result. The hearing aids and instruments are available for the people who find it difficult in hearing properly, this might include private, pensioner, and veterans’ affairs patients.

We Do It Our Way…

Yes, once you are at Telex Hearing Centre, you need not worry. We offer the best services and treatments possible. The team of dedicated professionals at the hearing clinic is there to proceed with things smoothly. We follow a systematic process that includes hearing test and diagnosis based on the test result. The further rounds of proceedings are carried out according to the requirements.

Our professionals fit in the technically advanced hearing aids as per the requirement. You can choose the design and style as per your lifestyle and preferences. We have all types of hearing aids for you.

We Strive to Provide Quality Services to all. Contact Us!!

With years of presence in the market, we have transformed according to the requirement. We have dedicated hearing test facilities and strive to provide quality services at each of our hearing centres like Bathurst. Call (02) 9570 6164 for more details. We are always there to assist you with your hearing problems.