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Telex Hearing Centre – the best hearing aids in Caringbah

We at the Telex Hearing Centre offer the best hearing aids in Caringbah and there can be no doubt about it at all. We have got the finest audiologists over here as well. We offer a full range of hearing solutions from a wide range of manufacturers. We are immensely proud of the great service that we can provide to you and we are sure that no one else will please you as much as we can. We always make sure that we provide you with a device that would be the best practical choice for you in terms of lifestyle as well as hearing needs and requirements.

Phonak Marvel hearing aids

This is one of the various hearing aids in Caringbah that we offer. If you want a hearing aid that can connect directly to your mobile phone or TV via Bluetooth, our audiologist can show you.


This kind of hearing aid in Caringbah stands for invisible inside the canal. This is yet another possibility that the audiologist could show you. They sit in the ear canal, and they are small as well. This is the reason why they are virtually invisible to most others. They are also suitable for people who have suffered a mild or moderate loss of their hearing. They are, as you can imagine, discreet.


These two are different kinds of hearing aids in Caringbah. As our audiologist would tell you CIC stands for completely in the canal and ITC stands for the in the canal. They are much like the styles that we have talked about already. This is in the sense that they are small and sit in your ear canal as well. This is the reason why others are unable to see them. If you are suffering from a mild or moderate hearing loss this is one product that you could use for sure. We can customise them for you.

Apart from these we also offer other distinct kinds of hearing aids in Caringbah. Our audiologist should be able to guide you in using the ones that suit you the most. The most prominent among them are ITE (in the ear), RITE (receiver in the ear), and Classic BTE (behind the ear). In the ITEs, all the components that make up the system are placed within a shell. It is placed in a part of your ear from where it can be seen.