Finest Hearing Aids & Highly Skilled Audiologist in Cronulla

Telex Hearing Centre – the best hearing aids in Cronulla
We at Telex Hearing Centre offer the absolute best hearing aids in Cronulla. We have some of the best audiologists as well. We offer you a wide range of hearing evaluation and hearing test services. We also offer you the latest in these aids as well as other assistive listening devices that hearing-impaired people are using. We offer you the absolute best advice in this regard as well. We are also proud to be able to provide our customers with professional and friendly service. We are an independent business in the truest sense of the term.

Hearing tests for adults
When it comes to determining the best hearing aids in Cronulla our audiologist would have to carry out a few hearing tests. You will be tested in a soundproof booth, where were undertake Pure Tone Audiometry, Bone conduction and Speech discrimination tests. If required we can also check your eardrum using tympanometry to check the pressure behind your eardrum if you feel blocked in the ears.

Hearing tests for seniors
We offer hearing tests for seniors and if required can offer the best hearing aids in Cronulla for them based on the recommendations of their audiologist. We are sure that the assessments that we make in this regard are the absolute best in the entire region. Are you a senior who is looking to know more about what we would be able to offer in this regard? If the answer to this question is yes, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We at the Telex Hearing Centre have been in the business of hearing aids in Cronulla for decades now. We are favoured by many doctors in the area as well. We are always committed to making sure that you get nothing but great service from us. This is the reason why we get our products from all the top brands in this industry in Australia.

Thus, you can be sure that you would be able to choose from an excellent choice when it comes to these products. This is the reason why we are so sure that we would be able to offer you something that suits you the best.