Hearing Clinic With Experienced Audiologist in Dubbo

Telex Hearing Centre – The Best Hearing Aids in Dubbo  

We at Telex Hearing Centre have been able to establish ourselves as the leading name for hearing aids in Dubbo with years of hard work and dedication to you – our beloved customers. Our facilities are excellent and second to none. This is a major reason why people prefer us to be their audiologist. We conduct all kinds of hearing test examinations to check what is wrong with you. It is this meticulous approach to work that has made us the best hearing centre in the region. Our services are of top quality.

Our commitment to quality

As the top audiologist in Dubbo, we also make sure that our follow-up work is just as good. We have been working for years as a hearing clinic and people know us for the commitment that we have shown to the community. You can always get in touch with us to get a hearing test or any other examination done on your ears. We are the leading hearing centre in the area and there can be no doubt about the same.

Our experience in the domain

Our team has immense experience in such care and treatment as it has worked for decades in the industry.

This is a major reason why people regard us as the best hearing clinic in Dubbo. We perform all the examinations that we have to do in your case so we can offer you the best hearing aids. As the top audiologist of the city, we can treat both children and adults. The quality of our hearing test examinations is second to none. We also accept all eligible insurance so you can save money on your treatment and get the best care that we provide. We offer customised products.

Apart from these, we offer necessary accessories such as batteries.

The choices that we provide

Not for nothing are we the best hearing centre in Dubbo. Unlike most of our peers around Australia, we do not stock hearing aids from only one brand. We have access to all the leading brands that you get over here, such as Phonak, Unitron, and GN Resound, to name a few. Therefore, we can offer you the most appropriate opinion on the product that would be the right option for you. It is such quality and efficiency that has made us the best hearing clinic ever in the region.