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Visit Telex Hearing Centre to Get the Best Audiology and Hearing Aid Service
Hearing loss is a condition that is hard to accept as well as isolating, and therefore at Telex Hearing Centre, we treat each of our patients with complete care while understanding as well as paying complete attention to their hearing requirements. And one important part of hearing loss treatment that we provide is offering hearing aids to them that match with their personal needs. And to this, we work with most of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in Engadine. This helps the patients to be assured that the hearing aids that they are provided from us will be according to their hearing requirements.

What do we do at Telex Hearing Centre?
At Telex Hearing Centre, we offer the patients independent and clear advice on hearing the loss in a relaxed atmosphere in Engadine. This allows them to come in and find out whether there is any type of hearing loss and if yes then they are informed about all the treatment options available for them.
At Telex Hearing Centre, we have a team of expert audiologists. Each audiologist offers on-the-day hearing assessments to patients. Besides, we also offer out-patient service to our clients that include long-term management, diagnosis, counselling, and rehabilitation. We also offer a broad range of hearing aids to our patients along with offering counselling and information. Follow-up appointments are also offered to the patients once they are fitted with hearing aids. Apart from that, home visits for the patients can be organised for diagnosis and treatment, this is best suited for elderly care homes or clients that are housebound.

The treatment process that we follow:
At Telex Hearing Centre, we start the treatment method with a thorough hearing assessment conducted by an expert audiologist. During the assessment, each patient’s requirement and preference is considered and therefore the best advice is given to maximise the hearing capacity. Besides, here we also help the patients to select from the most updated digital technology to find out the hearing aids solutions that are best for them. Each of the hearing aids that we offer to our clients is highly discreet yet highly effective. And based on the preferences of the clients, in some cases, we also offer invisible solutions.

What makes us different?

  • Along with every audiologist, each clinical staff of our hearing centre brings a wonderful combination of dedication and extensive experience mixed with the latest and fresh ideas.
  • As the technology is quickly evolving these days, we encourage the professionals of our centre including every audiologist to attend regular workshops to keep up to date with the advances in the field of technology as well as the available new products.
  • Here at Telex Hearing Centre, we always aim to offer compassionate service to people in Engadine with a holistic and personal approach in the field of audiology while integrating innovative technology.

So, if you want to experience the highest quality audiology and hearing service in Engadine with proper care, then visit us and discover the new world of hearing.