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Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries available in Sutherland Shire Are you looking for hearing aid batteries for your hearing device? Are the batteries you are getting not of good quality? Well, don’t fret. We have the best quality hearing aid batteries for your hearing device in the Sutherland Shire. Power up your Hearing Device with Durable Batteries Telex Hearing Centre is a family-owned and operated business that caters to the requirements of people who find difficulty in hearing. Since 1969, we have been in the service of society and helping the people to hear clearly. We deal with some of the superior quality batteries that not only last longer but are also rechargeable. These batteries are a one-time investment and will be by your side forever. Modern Hearing Aids run on Batteries The technical advancement has led the companies to introduce hearing instruments and devices that run on batteries. Unlike the older variants of the hearing aids, where non-rechargeable batteries were used, the modern ones use the rechargeable batteries that come in handy and last long- perhaps a year or two. Therefore, it is a good idea to switch over to hearing devices that use rechargeable disposable batteries. Pros of Using the Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Telex Hearing Centre has been in the business for the last five decades and hence, knows and understands the present market trend and requirements. We have with us the hearing aid batteries that fit in various hearing aids. No matter which model and company of the hearing aid you are using, you would get the batteries at the Telex Hearing Centre. Get in touch with us for the battery of your requirement.The following are some of the associated advantages of using rechargeable hearing aid batteries-
  • Small in dimension and thus fitting in all devices
  • Can be recharged and brought back to the same efficiency within an hour charge or so
  • Rechargeable disposable batteries mean safe to use
  • A single charge can last up to 20 days depending on the type and dimension of the battery
  • Available in different sizes and colour coding, which gives the buyer the liberty to choose the one that would best suit
Why Telex Hearing Centre? Being one of the reputed hearing centres in the city of Sutherland Shire, we have been very much particular regarding the quality. Therefore, in our centre, you would quality hearing aid batteries at the best price. You can also choose as per your hearing aid. Call (02) 9570 6164 for more details or you can visit www.telexhearingcentre.com.au/batteries/ for details of the batteries available.
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