Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests (approximately 1 hr)
No referral is required. All you need to do is contact us for an assessment. If you are a pensioner or a veteran, you are entitled to a free full assessment through the Office of Hearing Services. Please contact us for more information on this scheme or get the application form filled in (Application Form). It needs to be completed by you (Part A) and by your General Practitioner (Part B). Once completed, bring this form into your first appointment. Telex Hearing Centre can assess both adults and children (7 years+). All testing is conducted in an insulated sound booth (in our full–time clinics). Our visiting clinics have been sound tested and comply with all standards and conditions enforced by the federal government. We use the latest modern equipment for all our assessments. All equipment has been calibrated within the last 12 months. What’s involved:
  • Comprehensive ear health and hearing needs a history
  • Otoscopy – looking in the ear for obstructions or infections
  • Tympanometry – tests the middle ear system for any blockages
  • Air conduction – headphone testing of the main 10 speech tones from 250Hz to 8000Hz
  • Bone conduction – vibrating headband to directly test the inner ear to verify if your hearing loss is permanent or temporary
  • Speech testing – present a list of words at varying volumes to assess your speech discrimination
  • A comprehensive discussion of results and recommendations
  • Written report to GP, speech pathologist, specialist etc. if required
Adequate time is allowed so all your questions can be heard and answered. If the results indicate a hearing aid would be beneficial, an in-depth hearing aid discussion will be offered if you would like to try a hearing aid.
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