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Telex Hearing Centre- The Best Place to Get Treatment for Hearing Loss

Our ears play a vital role in our overall health, in our balance, and how perfectly we can hear things. So, like other parts of the body, it is also important to take proper care of our ears while being aware of the common symptoms and diseases of ears to learn about the things to look out for. And to know it well, the intervention of professional audiologists is necessary. This is where the Telex Hearing Centre can help.

Being one of the most reputable hearing aid service providers in Illawong, at Telex Hearing Centre, we are well aware of the fact how hearing loss can affect all the things in the life of people starting from their education, job prospects, and relationships. And therefore, every audiologist of our centre is always ready to help and support the patients with hearing loss to ensure they can live the life they desire.

Things that we do:

At Telex Hearing Centre, we are aware of the importance of hearing. Therefore, with the help of the expert audiologist team of our centre in Illawong, we specialise in offering day-to-day care service to our patients that range from offering practical information about hearing loss and its treatment and offering day-to-day care to campaigning for a new world for people who are suffering from hearing loss and helping them to get the right hearing aids to overcome this issue.

We only believe in providing high-quality care and support to patients with hearing loss, deafness, or tinnitus to ensure that their needs are met. And to do this, we always take the help of the latest medical treatment facilities and technology in Illawong to manage the issues. Here we can campaign for equality to support people to help them to make the same life choices as others.

The process:

To offer the hearing aids services to the patients in Illawong, we start the process with a hearing assessment service offered by the professional audiologists of our centre. This assessment offers a baseline to the patients that can, therefore, be tracked on yearly to find out if there is any deterioration. Every audiologist in our centre is experienced enough in this field and therefore by choosing to visit our centre, you can get proper education about maintaining hearing health before getting help on hearing loss.

At this centre, we also help the patients to find out the right hearing aids as per their individual needs and budget. The choice of the hearing aid often depends on the evaluation made by the audiologist after the assessment.

Why Visit Telex Hearing Centre?

  • We have the best level of clinical expertise in treating hearing loss
  • We can offer exceptional quality service beyond measure
  • We believe in developing lasting relationships with the patients by having a long-term focus on their hearing journey
  • We offer dedicated and consistent care to each of our patients