Top Quality Hearing Aids & Audiologist Professionals in Kirrawee

Complete Solution for Hearing Loss for Children and Seniors in Kirrawee
Want to help older adults who are dealing with hearing disability? Now, you can quickly get professional help where the audiologist will take control of the situation. Telex Hearing Centre is the name you should rely on for such services if you are living around Kirrawee. Our extensive services include all areas of hearing problems among the older citizens of Australia.

We are Veteran in this Service
The one reason for trusting us is that we are not new in the business. Instead, we have been running this business since 1969. We have successfully established trustworthiness among our community and potential customers by offering a respected quality service. People of Kirrawee trust us for dealing with their loved ones.
Not only in homes, but we have facilitated different nursing homes or senior citizen facilities by supplying superior quality hearing aids along with other services. Years of relentless services are something that has let us stand apart from the rest.

We are Backed by Skilled & Experienced Audiologist
We have a team of skilled and experienced audiologists working with us in different parts of Australia, now in Kirrawee too. They will pay a visit to our clinic for hearing tests and prescribe the older people with the right solution that they require.
They evaluate, diagnose, and offer the right treatment to the senior citizens or children who are facing hearing loss or disorder in the balance due to ear problems. They do not only prescribe the hearing aids but also fit them and give all the necessary instructions on how to use them safely.

We Help you To Choose the Hearing Aid that is Right for You
We have been running an independent family-owned business for quite a long time now. And, this experience has made us knowledgeable about the unique needs of people dealing with hearing issues. We are associated with the best brands of hearing aids such as Phonak, Unitron, Resound and others. First, our audiologist will carefully review your needs and offer you an unbiased opinion about which solution will be perfect for you.

Factors We Consider Before Prescribing a Hearing Aid

  • Level of hearing loss
  • Your budget
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Physical needs
  • Cosmetic Concerns

To give you a comprehensive assessment of hearing aids, we consider these factors with the utmost importance.

Home Visit in Kirrawee Right Away
Is it becoming difficult for the elderly person in your home to pay a visit to our clinic? Well, don’t consider it as a problem anymore as our audiologist will pay a visit to your home in Kirrawee along with the other locations they are already visiting.

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