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From missing favorite sounds to missing out on all the fun, hearing loss impacts all aspects of your life.

Leading Audiologist & Hearing Aids Professionals in Kogarah

One-Stop Solution Provider for All Hearing Problems in Kogarah

Watching the senior members or children in your family struggling with hearing problems? Not anymore as you can relieve them from this daily struggle with the help of Telex Hearing Centre. We have run our business since 1969. We are an independent, family-owned, and operated business body offering customised solutions to our clients in Kogarah for a long time now.

Be it brand new hearing aids or in-home hearing test by an experienced audiologist – we can arrange it all for you. We have the most exclusive range of hearing solutions exclusively customised according to the needs of the clients.

We Serve Both Children and Adults

While most of the hearing solution providers in our country focus their services on senior adults, we target a more comprehensive customer base. With our experience of working in Kogarah, we can say that hearing problem is not limited to senior adults only. But, children of 7+ years or a teenager can face the same problem. And, that is why our range of hearing aids coming from the best brands in the market, is meant for all of them.

Our Audiologists are the Best with Extensive Experience

We have certified and experienced audiologist collaborating with us for quite a long time now. They carry out hearing tests in Kogarah along with the other places, and the appointment can be made within 1-2 weeks, especially for those who are unable to visit our clinic. They check and prescribe the right hearing aids patients need, and that too without any referral.

We Offer Flexible Pricing for Hearing Aids and Services

We understand the budget constraints you have, especially when you must take care of senior members or children at your home. That’s why we have taken the pledge of providing our services and hearing aids at the best price you will find in Kogarah.

Exclusive Discount for Senior Citizens!

Do you have a senior’s card? That’s good news for you in terms of price. We offer 10% off the purchase of hearing aids for those who have the senior’s card. Not only that, along with the purchase of every device, you will get support from our audiologist and technicians too. Whether it’s in-house visit or repairing, you can get it all from us.

Another good news for you – we offer 3 years’ service and repair warranty on the hearing aids we supply.

Range of Hearing Aids We Offer

  • Custom in-the-ear Model
  • Receiver in the Canal
  • Micro Open Fit Behind-the-Ear
  • Standard Behind the Ear

Make Your Appointment Today!

Are you yet to make your appointment for the home visit with us? Don’t delay it anymore. Call us and give us your address in Kogarah and our audiologist will pay a visit to your home ASAP. For any query, fill the form and send us today. We will get back to you.

Leaders In Hearing Health

Book an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals.

Leaders In Hearing Health appointment

Book an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals.

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