Micro Open Fit Behind-the-ear

Micro BTE Hearing Aid Provider Serving Hurstville

(Suitable for mild to severe hearing losses)
This hearing aid is slightly bigger than the RITE hearing aid as the receiver is now in the main part of the hearing aid behind the ear. This hearing aid is still cosmetically appealing and virtually invisible as it uses a thin tube with a small dome or mould in the ear. This type of hearing aid is best suited for people who have normal hearing in the low frequencies and a hearing loss in the higher frequencies. This is often seen with noise-induced hearing loss but also age-related hearing loss. The open fit device allows the hearing aid to let you hear those sounds that you normally hear naturally, and amplify only the sounds that you need. This allows for a more natural sound and eliminates the blocked feeling that can happen with in-the-ear and standard behind-the-ear hearing aids with moulds. They come in a variety of colours, from subtle skin and hair colour tones to bold and trendy colours, making them very cosmetically appealing. Being one of the best hearing aid clinics in Sydney, we operate independently. After a thorough and unbiased diagnosis of your problem, we suggest a wide array of products to suit your needs. At Telex Hearing Centre, we ensure that you receive the best solution for all your hearing problems.
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