Certified Audiologist & Hearing Aids Experts in Mortdale

Hearing Aids & Audiology Services within Budget in Mortdale
Telex Hearing Centre is the most trusted name when it comes to finding a one-stop solution for providing hearing aids to the senior-most member or children of your family. Backed by an experienced team of audiologists, we take pride in being the best in the business in Mortdale. We aim to provide our clients with services that include a complete assessment of your hearing issues and relieve you or your family members from the root cause of the problem.

We Have the Best Team of Audiologists
Our audiologists are majorly responsible for this overreaching popularity we have secured in recent years. Firstly, they have set the parameter that hearing issues are not only prevalent in older adults. Instead, young adults can also have it, and they are happy to help and hearing-impaired person.

Secondly, people seeking help with hearing aids or any other solution needs a customised solution according to their requirements, and the problems sometimes get vastly different from each other. Our specialists work keeping that in mind too.
They are equipped with the knowledge, experience as well as technical support that let them precisely diagnose the underlying issues, measure the level of the problem, and offer a personalised solution, just meant for you.

Our Audiologists are Ready for Home Visit
Is the elderly member of your family not wanting or able to come to our clinic because of the distance? No worries as we will bring the clinic to them. Our audiologist serves in Mortdale region too. Book your appointment at least 1-2 weeks for the home visit.

Based on the location of your home, our professionals can visit your home without any delay, set up some hearing aids, and can run hearing tests. You will be able to enjoy all those facilities sitting in the comfort of your own home that you might have expected to get in our clinic.

Services of Our Audiologists

Our experienced audiologist provides –

  • Diagnosis of the hearing issue followed by a comprehensive treatment
  • Advice and recommendations for maintaining the condition
  • Screening and tests
  • Evaluation of the underlying reason for the hearing issue
  • Check if there are any vestibular problems or not
  • Fitting the hearing aids when required
  • Dispensing the hearing device if needed

We Offer the Most Competitive Pricing

Handling the medical needs of an older adult or a child in the family is not that easy. Serving people since 1969 has undoubtedly left us with knowledge. And, that is why your budget is one of the most crucial factors for us.

We have made our hearing aids along with our audiology services at the most competitive price you will find in Mortdale. However, it does not mean that we have compromised with the quality of our devices in any way. We provide a range of aids carrying the best brand name such as Phonak, Unitron, Resound and many more.
Get connected with our specialist today who is serving in Mortdale. Feel free to call us for any enquiry.