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Telex Hearing Centre- You Ear Care Specialists in Orange

Telex Hearing Centre is a family-owned and runs a business that has been in the field of catering to patients who find difficulty in hearing. The hearing clinic makes sure that all sorts of hearing problems are addressed with the right hearing aids.

Professionals who Remain the Backbone of the Clinic

The specialists, especially Graham Rathbone, have been in the service since 1969. His son, Simon has been in the business since 2002 and is working as a Clinical Audiologist. Marnie, Graham’s daughter is an Audiometrist at the clinic and has joined the service 2004. Hannah Smartt, another professional working at the reputed hearing centre in Orange has joined the business as a Clinical Audiologist in the year 2014.

The team consists of experienced professionals considering all the possible causes of the hearing problem. A hearing test is conducted before prescribing or fitting in the most advanced and technically sophisticated hearing instruments. The instruments are available for pensioners, private, and veterans’ affairs patients.

Hearing Aids that we Deal with

Being in the business for years, we understand the needs of each patient. Therefore, we ensure that each of the individuals gets what he/she actually needs.

The following are some of the hearing aids that we deal in-

  • Custom in-the-ear model
  • Micro Open Fit Behind-the-Ear
  • Receiver in the Canal
  • Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) and Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC)
  • Standard Behind-the-Ear
  • 100% Invisible Hearing Aid
  • Open Fitting

Apart from this, we have a wide range of other hearing products like Assistive Listening Devices and Communication Earpieces. The best part of the products we fit in is Quality and Pricing. We have for you the advanced and technically sophisticated hearing instruments.

Why Choose Us?

Being in the business for years, Telex Hearing Centre has been the pioneer and one of the reputed names in the field of hearing aids. We take care of our patients and hence, since 1969, we have been successfully serving a majority of the people in our local community.

The following are some of the associated benefits when you contact a hearing clinic like Telex Hearing Centre in Orange-

  • Professional team of ENT, Clinical Audiologist, Audiometrist present for the best hearing test and diagnosis
  • Dedicated rooms for the problems in Orange-based clinic
  • Hearing aids designed and built in accordance with the preferences, needs, and lifestyle
  • Quality hearing aids and associated products matching the technological advancement

Get in Touch with Us

We are the reputed hearing centre in Orange taking care of all your needs. Call 9570 6164 for more details. You can also fill in the form. We would get in touch with you.