Custom Made Hearing Aids & Skilled Audiologist Penshurst

Extensive Audiology Service and Cost-Effective Hearing Solution in Penshurst
Finding it difficult to communicate with others because of your hearing issues? Leave your worries behind and get back your strength by getting over with the root cause of your hearing disability. Telex Hearing Centre is here to help. With a wide range of superior quality hearing aids and upgraded audiology services – we take the pride of being the best of the lot in Penshurst. We offer a comprehensive and customised hearing solution to those in need.

From Children to Senior Citizens – We Serve All
Hearing issues is something that is not limited to any age group. Unlike the other companies in the business, we have not made our services exclusively for older adults. Instead, our experienced audiologist treats children over 7+ years who are dealing with hearing issues along with young adults with the same problem. For senior citizens, though, we offer some exclusive facilities for their convenience.

Home Visit and Discount in Pricing for Packages of Elderly People
We understand the budget constraints are key factor people delay having a hearing test. And, that’s why we have kept our pricing package, payment facility and fees low without compromising on the quality of hearing aids that we supply.

We offer the facility of a home visit in Penshurst for the senior people who are not able to pay a visit to our designated clinic. During the visit, our audiologist carries out the necessary hearing tests, offers complete diagnosis, prescribe the appropriate treatment without any prior referral from any other doctor. They focus on evaluating the underlying problem causing the hearing difficulty and try to eliminate it from there.

If an elderly person with hearing issues living in Penshurst has a Seniors Card, we will offer an instant 10% off to the person on the purchase of hearing aids. Not only that, but along with that discounted purchase, we send out our audiologist to you who can carry out any in-house repairs, conduct the hearing test and make the necessary adjustments.

Our Hearing Aids Help You to Get Rid of Your Hearing Issues Magically!

You can expect to get rid of your hearing issues with the hearing aids we supply along with the diagnosis and service provided by our experienced audiologist in Penshurst. You will soon recover from problems like –

  • Losing track of conversation due to background noise
  • Not being able to figure out the source of any sound
  • Difficulty in detecting sounds coming from electronic devices like television or telephone
  • A constant buzzing noise inside the ear

We Offer Customised Hearing Aids

Every person comes to us with a unique need and with our range of customised hearing aids, we serve them all. Our collection includes –

  • Custom in-the-ear Model
  • Receiver in the Canal
  • Micro Open Fit Behind-the-Ear
  • Standard Behind the Ear

Got a Question?

Get in touch with us and let us give you an in-house visit that we offer for every Penshurst citizen. Book an appointment today!