RIC Hearing Aids in Miranda

Serving Hurstville

(Suitable for all hearing losses from mild to profound)

RITE’s also known as RIC’s are a smaller behind-the-ear hearing aid with the main part of the hearing aid behind the ear. There is an inconspicuous ultra thin tube with a wire inside. This delivers the sound to the receiver in your ear with the help of a small dome or mould. This style is very discrete due to the thin tube design and the small size of the hearing aid behind the ear. For someone with a mild hearing loss, this style of hearing aid can be very beneficial, as the amount of natural sound entering your ear can be controlled to keep the sound comfortable. This means you can enjoy even clearer and more natural sound quality.

They come in a variety of colours, from subtle skin and hair colour tones to bold and trendy colours, making them very cosmetically appealing.

As an independent hearing aid clinic in Sydney, we offer various brands and an unbiased consultation. We will review your needs for the different areas you have difficulty hearing in and offer you the best hearing solution for you.

RIC hearing aids we sell in Miranda