Water Protectors

Water Protectors (Swim Plugs)

Custom made earplugs to protect the ear from water activities, such as swimming and surfing or even having a shower.
For those that spend a lot of time in the water, there are many common ear-related problems people can have. These include Surfer’s Ear, Swimmer’s Ear or you may just get an ear ache in the water. These can be reduced by regularly using Water Protectors. Water Protectors can also help with the prevention of ear disease, protecting a perforated ear drum or after the insertion of a grommet for those that have ongoing middle ear problems. Your doctor may have also advised you to avoid water in your ears to prevent further irritation.They are available in a large range of colours and can include a safety cord to ensure they stay together. Suitable for: swimmers, surfers, those with a history of ear infections, grommets, and perforated ear drums. To find out more about the water protectors products click here.
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