Best Hearing Aids To Buy in Wellington

Telex Hearing Centre – The #1 Hearing Aids in Wellington

In the last decade or so, the hearing aid industry has changed quite a lot. Nowadays you have a lot of small hearing centres that are working independently. The companies that make these products own some of these clinics. This means that in most of these clinics you get only one brand. However, we at Telex Hearing Centre aim to be different. We are an owner-operated facility and work independently. Therefore, we can offer you the best hearing aids in Wellington. We can offer you all the best brands that you get in Australia, such as Phonak, Unitron, and GN Resound, to name a few.

This also implies that we can give you the best opinion on the hearing aids in Wellington. This way, we help you choose the most appropriate solutions regarding your communication and hearing requirements. With us, you do not have a small list of where you have to choose the most suitable name on the list.

An unbiased service provider

Since we work independently, we can offer you consultation sans bias. This is something that you can trust us on. We will begin our work by checking the areas where you are facing problems.

After that, we would suggest the best hearing aids in Wellington for you.

The factors we take into account

To suggest to you the best option for your needs, we would look at various factors. What is the extent to which you have lost your hearing ability? What is the shape of your hearing loss? What are your lifestyle needs? What do you need in terms of physical management? Do you have any cosmetic concerns? How much money are you willing to spend on this? We investigate all these variables and make our suggestions.

We also assess your hearing needs so we can prescribe you the best hearing aids in Wellington.

The different kinds of hearing aids

Hearing aid machines are available in various styles, capabilities, and sizes. You have some aids that are small and, thus, discreet. These days, you get rechargeable products. All these products differ in terms of price. A lot of this has to do with the technology that is used to make them. The three major options you have are the behind-the-ear models, the in-the-ear models, and the receiver in the canal models. People also refer to the behind-the-ear models as BTE models. They are rather versatile products.